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Windows Mobile Installation Welcome Page

There are two ways to get the Slam application. The easiest method is to enter your phone number and select your carrier from the drop down list to have the Slam installer link sent to your SMS inbox. From a Windows Mobile device, you can simply click the link to install Slam.

UPDATE: This appears to be failing for some Cingular folks. If you were a former AT&T customer please be sure to select AT&T from the list. If this still fails (you should receive your text message within a few minutes), please download the installer from the link immediately below.

If you don't receive your text message with the intaller link (SMS messages get dropped or delayed sometimes, for example) or you just want to download and install Slam, click here to download the installer. Just copy it to your Windows Mobile device and run it.

The Slam application will work on any Windows Mobile device.

Phone # (e.g., 2061234567):  

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